Veikk has been dedicated to the research, design, R&D, production, and marketing of digital pen tablets, We connect user experiences with continuous innovative technology and products, introduce new technologies that democratize creativity, inspire the next generation, and build a colorful digital creative world. the world and are widely used in drawing, signing, e-learning, gaming, and other fields.

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      Veikk VK1060 Drawing Tablet , 10×6 Inch Graphic Tablet

      SKU: 1900377
      Original price was: 59.95  JOD.Current price is: 45.00  JOD.

      VEIKK Graphic Drawing Tablet VK640 Pen Tablet with Battery-Free Passive Stylus

      SKU: 1900347
      Original price was: 34.95  JOD.Current price is: 29.95  JOD.