SADES focuses on R&D and manufacturing gaming headsets, being committed to provide every sound when gaming and leading gamers to immerse themselves in games.

SADES has about 17 years of R&D and manufacturing experience after producing the first headset in 2002. With the brilliant abilities of R&D and innovation, SADES creates various gaming peripherals with specific characters to meet different demands of gamers, make them enjoy the fun of eSports.

Our products have brilliant designs and satisfy the ultimate performance demands from customers and professional eSports teams. In order to manufacture the products with professional-grade quality and durabiltiy, we pay a lot of attentions to material selection, appearance design and hardware development. Our engineers test every feature of the products to ensure the tournament-ready quality. It is our goals to have the gaming peripherals become the extension for gamers’ experience.

In the era of eSports, we take the headsets as our flagship products, meanwhile we create excellent gaming chairs, mice and keyboards to enrich products category, as well as sponsor the professional eSports teams. We keep improving to become the partners of more and more gamers, the powerful supports for increasing professional eSports teams, and contribute significantly to explore further potentials in eSports field.

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