VGA Source To HDMI Converter

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POWER OF TECH  VGA Source To HDMI Converter

1) Model: FY1316

2) Input: VGA + L / R (Audio) DC 5V / 1A

3) Output: HDMI, HDMI with Audio

Function Introduction:

1) Video input interface: HDMI

2) The Video output interface: VGA , DC 5V / 1A

Video output resolution : (Resolution of VGA will be changed according to HDMI Signal change) 800×600@60Hz,1024×768@60Hz, 1280×720@60Hz,1280×1024@60Hz,1920×1200@60Hz,1920×1080@60Hz,

3) The audio output interface: standard RCA stereo Rca JACK interface

4) The signal indicator

When the indicator light is on , it means that the HDMI be recognized successfully, and the item converse signal normally, a flashing light means the failure of identifying the HDMI interface

If the light blinks , it means HDMI interface is fail to be recognized

5) Plug and play, no need external power supply

The clip consumes very little power, requres no external power supply, no need driver installation .

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