GENATA Waterproof RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Extender Outdoor [GNT-5303]

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GENATA Waterproof RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Extender Outdoor [GNT-5303]

New structures, new abrasive, smaller, space-saving, quick installation.

Using environmentally friendly materials, fire-retardant / anti-UV, and longer life.

Dust cover inside the glue pads, not falling, will not seepage.

Butt cable to cable: both ends are net interface, the whole symmetry.

The two net cables with crystal heads are connected in series, extending and butting into a longer net line.

The net cable with crystal head can pass through the waterproof head, and tighten the waterproof heads at both ends, so that the apron hole is narrowed and tightened, and the mesh line is watertight.

This product can also be easily solved or short cable is broken, put the two short cable into a long cable.

Often plug cable equipment, can also be used to protect the equipment interface.

Role: indoor and outdoor connection RJ45 network, waterproof. Protect the cable.

Suitable for outdoor LED equipment, grating, CCTV (closed-circuit monitor series), factory automation control, wireless bridge, etc.

How to use:

# Pass the cable through the bottom cover.

# Insert the opening silicone into the cable.(The narrower end of the silicone is aligned with the crystal head. Wrong direction will reduce waterproof performance.)

# The cable passes through the sleeve and presses the silicone into the sleeve.

# Insert the network cable into the socket.

# Tighten each components.

# Repeat the above steps on the other side.

# Protection Grade: IP67

# Colour: black + white + red

# Material: plastic + metal

# Size: 106 x 22mm

Package Contents:

2 x RJ45 connecter

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