AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging for HP Pavilion Touchsmart

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AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging for HP Pavilion Touchsmart


Compatible Laptop Models:

HP Pavilion Touchsmart 10 10-E 10-Exxxxx Series: 10-E010NR 10-E010SA 10-E019NR 10-E020CA ..

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 14-B 14-Bxxxxx Series: 14-B109WM 14-B124US 14-B150US 14-B170US 14-B173CL ..

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 14-F 14-Fxxxxx Series: 14-F020US 14-F020US 14-F021NR 14-F023CL 14-F027CL 14-F040CA 14-F048CA 14-F088CA ..

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 14-N 14-Nxxxxx Series: 14-N018US 14-N019NR 14-N026LA 14-N028CA 14-N047CA 14-N048CA 14-N073CA 14-N218US 14-N228CA 14-N248CA ..

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 14-V 14-Vxxxxx Series: 14-V024CA 14-V038CA 14-V048CA 14-V054CA 14-V062US 14-V063US 14-V124CA 14-V134CA 14-V148CA ..

HP Pavilion 15 15-F 15-Fxxxxx Series: 15-F033WM 15-F039WM 15-F059WM 15-F162DX ..

HP Pavilion 15 15-N 15-Nxxxxx Series: 15-N010US 15-N012NR 15-N013CA 15-N014NR 15-N019WM 15-N020CA 15-N020NR 15-N028US 15-N030CA 15-N030US 15-N033CA 15-N034CA 15-N044NR 15-N046US 15-N048CA 15-N048NR 15-N060CA 15-N060NR 15-N061NR 15-N064NR 15-N065NR 15-N066US 15-N067NR 15-N069NR 15-N084CA 15-N093NR 15-N096NR 15-N097NR 15-N200NR 15-N201NR 15-N202NR 15-N203NR 15-N204NR 15-N205NR 15-N206NR 15-N207CL 15-N207NR 15-N208NR 15-N209NR 15-N210DX 15-N210NR 15-N210US 15-N211DX 15-N211NR 15-N212NR 15-N213CA 15-N213NR 15-N214NR 15-N215NR 15-N216US 15-N217NR 15-N218NR 15-N219NR 15-N220NR 15-N220US 15-N221NR 15-N222NR 15-N223NR 15-N225NR 15-N226NR 15-N227NR 15-N228NR 15-N228US 15-N229NR 15-N230CA 15-N230NR 15-N230US 15-N232NR15-N233CA 15-N235NR 15-N236NR 15-N237NR 15-N238NR 15-N239NR 15-N239NR 15-N240CA 15-N240NR 15-N240US 15-N241NR 15-N242NR 15-N243CL 15-N243NR 15-N244NR 15-N245NR 15-N246US 15-N247NR 15-N248NR 15-N250CA 15-N250NR 15-N251NR 15-N253NR 15-N254NR 15-N257NR 15-N258NR 15-N259NR 15-N260NR 15-N260US 15-N261NR 15-N262NR 15-N263NR 15-N264NR 15-N265NR 15-N266NR 15-N267CA 15-N267NR 15-N268NR 15-N269NR 15-N280CA 15-N280NR 15-N280US 15-N281NR 15-N282NR 15-N283NR 15-N284CA 15-N284NR 15-N285NR 15-N286NR 15-N287CL 15-N287NR 15-N288CA 15-N288NR 15-N289NR 15-N290NR 15-N291NR 15-N292NR 15-N293CL 15-N293NR 15-N294NR 15-N297NR 15-N298NR 15-N299NR ..

HP Pavilion 15 15-P 15-Pxxxxx Series: 15-P010DX 15-P010US 15-P011NR 15-P020CA 15-P020US 15-P021CA 15-P021CY 15-P021NR 15-P022CA 15-P022CY 15-P022NR 15-P023CY 15-P023NR 15-P024CY 15-P024NR 15-P026CY 15-P026NR 15-P027CY 15-P027NR 15-P028CY 15-P028NR 15-P029CA 15-P029CY 15-P029NR 15-P030NR 15-P031CY 15-P032CY 15-P033CA 15-P033CL 15-P033CY 15-P034CY 15-P035CY 15-P036CY 15-P037CL 15-P037CY 15-P041NR 15-P042NR 15-P043CL 15-P043NR 15-P044NR 15-P045NR 15-P046NR 15-P047NR 15-P048NR 15-P049NR 15-P050CA 15-P050NR 15-P050US 15-P064US 15-P066US 15-P067CA 15-P071NR 15-P074CA 15-P080CA 15-P082NR 15-P083NR 15-P084CA 15-P087CA 15-P088CA 15-P099NR 15-P133CL 15-P143CL 15-P164CA 15-P167CA 15-P168CA 15-P184CA ..

​HP Envy 15 15-K 15T-K000 15-Kxxxxx Series: 15-K012NR 15-K016NR 15-K019NR 15-K020US 15-K058CA 15-K073CA 15-K081NR 15-K118NR 15-K151NR 15-K163CL 15-K167CL 15-K177NR 15-K178NR 15-K192NR 15-K220NR 15-K223CL 15-K227CL 15-K233CA 15-K253CA 15-K257CA 15-K258CA 15-K277CA ..

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