Evolve III began as a Sydney-based company pioneering innovative tablet customization with dual and triple boot systems which provided a unique user experience. Soon after this initial success, then expanded into the US and other markets.

Today, Evolve III is a proud partner with the Blue Star Inc. – one of the world’s finest technology distributors. Their unmatched distribution power and customer insights help Evolve III deliver the most modern, most smart technology at the best possible price.

Evolve III is only as good as our partnerships. Those partnerships include a world class solutions designer for our product design and development. Our premiere software provider, Microsoft  has recognized the company as a key education partner and part of the “Shape the Future” program. Finally, our valued partnerships with Intel and Qualcomm have allowed us to ensure optimal performance and connectivity.

Over the years Evolve III has expanded manufacturing capabilities to several countries outside of China. This has allowed Evolve III to become the only Australian computer hardware company to hold contracts with US government agencies such as NASA SEWP V.

The company executives are proud to service the needs of governments, military, education and corporations around the world. Evolve III is a company founded in faith based principles. We value equal opportunity for all and strive to offer technology that everyone can access. We hope to be known for our reliability, flexibility, customer service and user driven design. Essentially we hope you feel that you are getting more than you bargained for.

If you’re a business in the public or private sector and looking for a partner to help develop evolutionary devices for every facet of life, Evolve III is ready to be your technology partner.

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