The global Arctic Hunter brand emerged from the realization that it was almost impossible to find premium and fashionable bags that could be used as everyday products. Since its inception ArcticHunter has been dedicated to showcasing the best in quality essentials to serve the distinct and unique needs of different categories of our travel community.

As our customers are central in everything that we do all feedback and input inspire and motivates us. Driven by our discerning audience our products continually evolve as we “feed” off their valuable comments and insights.

The inherent quality in the Arctic Hunter products has enables the organisation to now grow into a truly global brand.

As the multitude of testimonies indicate, Arctic Hunter really is a quality product that is appreciated across the globe.

Arctic Hunter, you are warmly welcomed in South Africa.

The Arctic Hunter community believe that a labour of love always produces the best products. Guided by this philosophy this global organisation has built a team which works tirelessly to make beautiful, long-lasting and fashionable bags and backpacks.

Each one of our products is underpinned by a belief that with the right design, and using the right materials, premium bags and backpacks need not to be expensive.

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