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LINKCOMN Power Strip (3-Sockets 1.5m-Power Cord) [LC-PS301]

LINKCOMN Power Strip (3-Sockets 1.5m-Power Cord) [LC-PS301]
LINKCOMN Power Strip (3-Sockets 1.5m-Power Cord) [LC-PS301]
Product Code: 3700375
Availability: In Stock
Price: 3.50JOD

LINKCOMN Power Strip (3-Sockets 1.5m-Power Cord)



Expand your home's connectivity with the LINKCOMN 3-Outlets Power Strip. Equipped with 3-universal outlets, this power strip allows you to plug in and power up to 3-gadgets.

 High Quality Power Cable

Cooper power cable with thick rubber coating provides premium protection

 Convenient Master Switch

Toggles power on and off with a simple press and lights up to indicate when the power strip is powered

Large Space Among the Sockets

Support more plugs in different standards at the same time

Durable and Fire-resis-tance shell

Able to withstand damage and high temperature

 Keyhole slots

Keyhole slots on the back allow you to mount it to a wall or baseboard horizontally

 Integral Copper Bar

No welds, improve user's electricity safety; Low temperature rise in hard and continuous use



Model:                                   LC-PS301

Rated Voltage:                     250V

Rated Current:                     10A

USB Ouput:                          5V // 2.1V

Rated Power:                       2500W

Interface:                              3-Sokets 


Power Plug:                         Germany

Power Cord:                        1.5m

Dimension:                          253 x 59 x 27mm





Do not bundle the power cable to avoid overheating.


Make sure the power plug is fully plugged into the socket.


Keep the power strip away from fire and heat.


Avoid beating and crashing the power strip.


Keep the power strip away from water and damp.


Keep the power strip away from children.


Make sure all loaded devices is less than 2500W.

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