Huntkey Power Strip 5 Socket(Universal) 3M (PZC502-3)

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HuntKey Power Strip 5 Socket 3M (PZC502-3)


(5 Universal Power Socket with On-Off switch / 3M Power Cable 3 pin Plug (U.K.))

MAX 2500-watt *
MAX 10A, 250V

* Warning (Do Not Overload)

The Huntkey PZC502-3 Power Strip

– Power off the system immediately and Automatically when it`s overloaded.
– Built-in parts of switch with silver-nickle metal could support power ON
and power OFF over 10000 times.
– 3*0.75mm2AC power cord.
– Copper plate inside in high conductivity.
– Environment friendly and fire-preventing material.
– Ground  indicator , to remind you of the safety grounding circuit.

This power strip is designed for indoor use only

keep away from heat-emitting appliances such as radiators or
heat registers

DO NOT put power strip in the wet surroundings

NEVER connect electrical devices during lightning and storming

DO NOT open power strip in any reason

Please keep children away from this product

for more inf. please visit page:​


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