Huntkey Power Strip 4 Socket(Universal) + 2x USB (5V/2.1A) (SZN507)

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HuntKey Power Strip (SZN507)


(4 Universal Power Socket / 2x USB (5V/2.1A) Charging Ports / 3M Power Cable / 3 pin Plug (U.K.) / Child protection )

MAX 2500-watt *
MAX 10A, 250V

* Warning (Do Not Overload)

The Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip

The Huntkey SZN507 comes in a clear plastic package with a cardboard back, so you can immediately see what you are buying. The power cord is hidden behind a cardboard printout showing the key features of the SZN507 power strip.

USB Charging Ports

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with two USB charging ports. The two USB ports will deliver up to 10.5 W of power output – 2.1 A of current at the standard USB voltage of 5 V. Each port, however, can only deliver about 5 W of power – about 1 A of current at 5 V.

Material IACS % Conductivity

(Copper)        = 100%

(Gold)            = 70%
(Aluminum)   = 61%

(Brass)          = 28%

(Nickel Alloy) = 7%

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