Eaton 5E 1500i USB UPS Battery Backup (1500VA // 900W // 170-280V) [5E1500iUSB]

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Eaton 5E 1500i USB UPS Battery Backup (1500VA // 900W // 170-280V) [5E1500iUSB]


Essential line interactive UPS

Line interactive technology at an affordable price

#  UPS is securing your data and your equipment by protecting you against power outages and bad power quality

#  Work through under & overvoltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

#  Unmatched price/performance ratio

Eaton reliability

#  Trust a leading manufacturer with decades of experience and high quality standards : CE compliance certified by external agency (TUV)

#  Rely on batteries anytime : 5E batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) and UPS can start without mains (Cold-start)

#  Avoid back door damages coming through phone lines : 5E USB models are equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)

Easy integration

#  Plug easily any equipment to the UPS (PC, HD TV, internet gateway,…) thanks to IEC and Schuko outlets (on DIN models)

#  Install 5E anywhere thanks to its small size

#  Easily manage your UPS from your PC (on USB models):

#  Automatic integration into Windows/MacOS/Linux power management for safe system shutdown

#  Analyze energy use and costs, manage UPS parameters, with Eaton UPS Companion software

1 USB port

2 Panel for batteries replacement

3 IEC320 10A socket

4 6 IEC 10A sockets

5 Internet/Tel/Fax protection

Topology Line Interactive with Automatic Voltage Regulation
Configuration Tower
Style Number 5E1500iUSB
Part Number 5E1500iUSB
Rating (VA/Watts) 1500VA/900W
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) 330 x 180 x 133
Weight (kg) 10.46
Warranty 1 years
Electrical Input
(1) IEC-320-C14
Input Voltage Range 170-280V
Nominal Voltage 230 V
Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
Electrical Output
Nominal Voltage 230V
(6) IEC-320-C13
Communication Ports 1 USB port
Power Management Software Eaton UPS Companion software
Environmental & Standards
Audible Noise <45dB
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°
Performance - Safety - EMC IEC/EN 62040-2
Safety markings IEC/EN 62040-1
Approvals CE, CB report (TUV)
Data Line Protection Internet/Tel/Fax

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