Kingston M.2 A1000 960GB (Read: 1,500MB/s // Write: 800MB/s) PCIe NVMe [SA1000M8/960G]

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Kingston M.2 A1000 960GB (Read: 1,500MB/s // Write: 800MB/s) PCIe NVMe



Boost the speed and responsiveness of your mini PC.

Kingston’s A1000 solid-state drive is an entry-level PCIe NVMe™ SSD with a singlesided M.2 22x80mm design. This M.2 SSD is ideal for home cinema PC (HTPC), mini PC and small-form-factor PC (SFF PC) systems with limited available space that need a speed upgrade. Using a 4-channel Phison E8 controller and 3D NAND Flash, this drive offers read and write speeds of up to 1,500MB/s and 1,000MB/s. . It is 2X faster than a SATA-based SSD and 20X faster than a traditional hard drive, offering quick responsiveness, ultra-low latency and throughput.

More reliable and durable than a hard drive, A1000 will be a solid upgrade for your PC build. With quick boot times and fast performance, your system will run more efficiently while also saving time. There are no moving parts, making it far less likely to fail than a mechanical hard drive. It is also cooler and quieter, which makes it ideal for mini PCs and home cinema PCs.

​A1000 is available in multiple capacities from 240GB–960GB to give you all the space you need for applications, movies, photos and other important documents. You can also replace your hard drive or a smaller SSD with a drive with enough storage capacity for all your files.


> 3D TLC NAND — Increased density is the key to supporting broader workloads, ultra-responsive multi-tasking and an overall faster system.

> 20X faster than a hard drive — With incredible read/write speeds, the A1000 will increase the speed and performance of your system.

> Ideal for home cinema PCs and mini PCs — The single-sided M.2 2280 SSD makes it ideal for home cinema PCs and mini PCs with limited space. Integrates easily into designs with M.2 connectors.

> Multiple capacities — Available in a range of capacities up to 960GB to meet your data storage requirements.


> Form factor M.2 2280

> Interface PCIe NVMe™ Gen 3.0 x 2 lanes

> Capacities 240GB // 480GB // 960GB

> Controller Phison E8


> Sequential read/write
240GB — up to 1,500/800MB/s
480GB — up to 1,500/900MB/s
960GB — up to 1,500/1,000MB/s

> Random 4K read/write
240GB — up to 100,000/80,000 IOPS
480GB — up to 100,000/90,000 IOPS
960GB — up to 120,000/100,000 IOPS

> Power consumption
0.011748W idle / 0.075623W avg / 0.458W (MAX) read / 0.908W (MAX) write

>Dimensions 80mm x 22mm x 3.5mm

> Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C

> Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C

> Weight
240GB — 6.4g
480GB — 7g
960GB — 7.6g

> Vibration operating 2.17G peak (7–800Hz)

> Vibration non-operating 20G peak (10–2000Hz)

> Life expectancy 1 million hours MTBF

> Warranty/support limited 1-year warranty with free technical support

> Total Bytes Written (TBW)
240GB — 150TB
480GB — 300TB
960GB — 600TB

M.2 NVMe SSD with 3D NAND - Kingston A1000

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