HUNTKEY Power Strip Universal Series 2 USB 2.1A 1.5m SZM307

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HUNTKEY Power Strip Universal Series 2 USB 2.1A 1.5m Power Cable SZM307

The SZM307 is equipped with three universal sockets and two USB charging ports.

The universal sockets allows different standards of plugs to be plugged in,

and the 2.1A USB ports can charge two iPhones simultaneously at

the same speed of the original charger.

SZM307_03 SZM307

  • Two powered USB ports (2.1 AMP Combined)
  • Three universal standard outlets
  • Flame retardant material
  • Integral copper bar
  • MAX2500W-MAX10A, 250V

SZM307_07 SZM307

The panel of the SZM307 is made from the material that boasts high insulation,

favorable impact resistance, and 750 degrees Celsius flame retardancy - 

this means the panel will not catch fire under 750 degrees Celsius.



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