Inacopia Office A3 Paper (297x420mm) 500 Sheets (80g/m^2)

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Inacopia Office A3 Paper (297x420mm) 500 Sheets (80g/m^2)

Multi-purpose paper (copy-laser-ink-fax-high volume)


Office80 g/m²

The ideal paper for users who are looking for a reliable, trouble free and cost effective product. An improved surface for better printing quality and lower toner consumption, with a very good runnability is suitable for all printer and photocopier applications. Inacopia Office 80 g/m2 assures you the highest quality consistency in the office paper market.

Improved surface
Excellent printing quality whilst reducing toner consumption

Silky touch
Lower abrasiveness extends the lifetime of your office equipment

Increased productivity
A reduction in jams leads to a lower cost per printed document

Inacopia was the 1st European Office Paper to be produced from Eucalyptus globulus pulp, and is today a well-established brand with a reputation for high quality standards.

Eucalyptus globulus provides good paper making properties such as bulk, stiffness and opacity with a low lignin content which means fewer chemical agents are required to remove the glue between the fibres. In addition, Eucalyptus globulus yields up to 75% more pulp and therefore more paper, based on the same volume of wood used, when compared to other trees used to produce pulp.

This simply means that the same quantity of paper is produced using less wood, when using Eucalyptus globulus.

Other criteria are also important, such as the economic efficiency of the pulp used to produce Inacopia. It guarantees, over the production process, high runnability levels and low energy costs.



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