Professional Lavalier Clamp Microphone

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Professional Lavalier Clamp Microphone

# Good Compatibility: With standard 3.5mm audio plug and an extra PC adapter, makes this lavalier microphone compatible with iphone series Android phones and PC laptop, DSLR Cameras. Please kindly note that iphone 7 or later version needs a lightning cable adapter, it is not compatible with GoPro series.

# Noise Canceling: With upgraded noise reduction technology, makes Rovtop lapel lavalier microphone a perfect assistance for you to recording a clear video, live streaming, online interviews etc, gives you a clean and clear voice recording.

# Extra Long Cables: With 78 inches long cable, you could easily record your video from a far distance from your devices. Not long enough? An extra 79 inches extended cable is included in the package. Now you have a 4 m cable. Enjoy your video, don't worry the distance!

# Package included: 1 x Lavalier Microphone // 1 x PC adapter // 1 x 2m extra extended cable // 2 x Wind Muff // 1 x instruction manual is included on the pacakge.

Ever wanted a better voice recording device for your videos or live streaming? Rovtop lavalier microphone is your best choice.

With our lapel lavalier's ultra compatibility, you can easily record an audio or video on some many devices. It's compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, Android/ Windows Smartphone and PC, etc.

Note: For iPhone series later than iPhone 7, you'll need the lightning to 3.5 mm adpater, which is already included in your iPhone.

Use it on your Laptop or PC

You can easily use Rovtop Lavalier Microphone on your Laptop or PC, just with this PC adapter.

Also it could be used on most DSLRs. Feel free to ask us if you have any doubt about compatibility.

With extra extension cord

With 79" extension cord, the full length of the lavalier microphone can be extended to 157 inches. Make it possible to record your voice from a desirable long distance.

For a clearer voice

Package include 3 wind muffs with high-density sponge. Our lavalier microphone will be able to reduce much more noises and provide you a better & clear voice.



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