Kingston HYPERX SAVAGE EXO Portable Solid-State Drive 960GB [SHSX100/960G]

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Kingston HYPERX SAVAGE EXO Portable Solid-State Drive 960GB USB 3.1 Gen2



Load console games up to 20% faster

 Plug and Play for easy access to games anywhere

Load Console Games Up to 20% faster

Up to a 20% increase in speed on today’s consoles.



The HyperX SAVAGE EXO SSD uses 3D NAND technology to deliver SSD speeds more reliably and efficiently than 2D NAND


so you can get your games patched, installed and booted faster. Slash load times with a drive that’s up to 20% faster than today’s game systems*.


The SAVAGE EXO is easy to connect, works with both Mac® and PC, and can be used on your PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One™ via the USB 3.1 Gen 2 connection**.


Weighing in at a trivial 56g, the super-compact SAVAGE EXO is the perfect solution for lightning-quick storage and transfer on the go.


* Based on internal testing data. Loading times may vary for each individual game.


** When used with a gaming console, formatting may be required.



Simple to connect





Interface USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C
Capacities4 480GB, 960GB
Sequential read/write5 up to 500/480MB/s
Power consumption 5v 900mA
Dimensions 123.82mm x 48.61mm x 10.24mm
Operating temperature 0°C~70°C
Storage temperature -40°C~85°C
Weight 56g
Vibration operating 2.17G peak (7–800Hz)
Vibration non-operating 20G peak (10–2000Hz)
Life expectancy 1 million hours MTBF



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