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Microsoft SCULP Mouse 6PL-00002

Microsoft SCULP Mouse 6PL-00002
Microsoft SCULP Mouse 6PL-00002
Brand: Microsoft
Product Code: 1900057
Availability: In Stock
Price: 34.95JOD

Microsoft SCULP Mouse 6PL-00002



  • A clutter-free way to stay productive on the go

    Looking for a portable mouse that helps you get things done? Sculpt Touch Mouse saves time in long documents and works virtually anywhere, with no cables or transceivers to connect. And it’s designed to fit comfortably in either hand.
  • Navigate quickly and smoothly through screens and docs

    The four-way touch strip on the Sculpt Touch Mouse lets you breeze up and down, left and right, and through windows and documents with just the swipe of your finger. While you scroll, you’ll feel the nice surprise of tactile feedback.
  • Ready right away, with nothing to plug in or lose

    The Sculpt Touch Mouse uses Bluetooth® connectivity, which means you never need to worry about losing a transceiver or giving up a valuable USB slot. Just pair your mouse and start swiping.

Healthy Computing

  • The average user spends more than 6 hours a day on their computer. How users sit, type, swipe, point, and click – and the products they use to do these things can affect productivity, comfort, and equally important, users' health.

    “Healthy Computing” addresses the idea that products should be designed to fit the natural posture of the human body, using ergonomic principles to create products that are inherently comfortable by design.

    Microsoft Hardware - Ergonomic Advantages

    Microsoft’s ergonomic mice are designed to:

    • Fit users’ wrists and hands in a natural, comfortable manner
    • Help reduce unnecessary strains and minimize movements that can lead to fatigue and loss of productivity
    • Provide support and reinforce a natural, relaxed posture


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